Virtual Option Now Available

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Cheyenne Public Schools continue to search for the safest, most effective, and simplistic protocols in dealing with quarantines. Governor Stitt has released new guidance that schools may consider. We have experienced an extraordinary number of quarantines involving staff and students. While we try adjusting to these multiple disruptions, it is most difficult for all concerned.  Our goal is to offer students a high quality education, and for students to meet and exceed learning expectations. The Cheyenne Board of Education empowered the administration and staff to help better deal with the pandemic issues we are now experiencing.

After much consideration and deliberation, Cheyenne schools will continue in-person learning as we have the entire school year. However, unlike before, we will now also offer a virtual option to students in grades 3rd-12thThis option must be approved by the appropriate building Principal.

 PK-2 will be in-person learning with consideration given to special circumstances.  Please note in-person learning for PK-2 is highly recommended.

 This virtual option will begin on January 19th and end at spring break. We will continue to monitor our positive cases and quarantines and re-evaluate at any time.

 It is in the best interest of students and staff to offer a virtual option to reduce the class size numbers for on campus student classrooms and to more effectively social distance students while at school. 

 Virtual option students will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities so long as their virtual learning obligations are met.  Consideration of each student’s past history of virtual success and each student’s effort to meet teacher expectations will be noted. The virtual option may require one in person check-in weekly with teachers for quizzes, testing, etc. and will be arranged individually.  Eligibility will be calculated weekly as normal for both virtual and in person students.  This option may allow for a better opportunity for students to remain in school who are active in extra-curricular activities.   However, it will not keep any student immune from quarantines occurring in such activities. 

 In addition, to better help with future quarantines, if a student or staff member is now quarantined, a current anti-body test can be presented to exempt them from quarantine.  At this time the 5/7-day rule for returning to school and/or activities after a quarantine will be followed. Please remember that a positive COVID test grants a 90-day immunity period from quarantine.  For our records, this is why it is imperative that test results be submitted to us when notifying the school of a positive test.  Every positive case will continue to be sent home for the required ten-day isolation. 

 We are continuing to evaluate the new orders released by the Governor’s office. We will closely examine each future classroom close contact quarantine and hopefully have a better set of criteria for our decisions. We must continue to ask each home to monitor student symptoms of fever, body aches, and headaches (each individual is different).  If a student is quarantined by an outside of classroom means, they will be quarantined without exception. (Governor’s order)

 While we have experienced an extraordinary number of quarantines involving staff and students, we hope these changes will help with minimizing disruptions. 

 If you wish to choose this virtual option for your child or children, please contact your building principal no later than Monday January 18th. We will begin Tuesday with this transition and hope you can derive a decision that is best for your situation.  Please remember that the deadline for your decision will be Monday January 18th.


We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

 Robert Trammell

Superintendent Cheyenne Public Schools