• The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month—a time to salute the important role and dedication of board members in their volunteer work and celebrate public education.

    Cheyenne school board members must develop policies and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues impacting the entire community. Their foresight and diligence to oversee a budget, while trying to save and invest back into our children's education is a huge challenge.  They help bear the responsibility of managing a $‚Äč6M budget, property that encompasses a beautiful campus, educating 340 students, and employing 60 staff members.  They carry out the truest form of representative government in our democracy, volunteer public service, and preserve the core of our democratic land, public education.

    We do not always recognize the dedication and hard work of these public servants elected to represent us and the interest of our children. At your next opportunity, please thank our school board members, letting them know we appreciate what they do for our kids in the Cheyenne Public School District.

    The men and women serving the Cheyenne Board of Education and their years of service are:


    Chad Smith, President             15

    Amanda Bryson                       1

    Kim Sander, V.P.                      9

    Ellen Kirk, Clerk                      7

    Michael Boyett, OSSBA Liason  2

    Go Bears!


    Robert Trammell, Superintendent

    Cheyenne Public Schools