Cheyenne Public School is located in the heart of Roger Mills County, north of I-40 on highway 283 in western Oklahoma. Situated in Cheyenne at 910 Buster Avenue. The school campus can easily be found on the hill just east of the City Park.  The school is proudly called the home of the “Bears.”


    Cheyenne Public School is a small-town school yet rivals its metropolitan counterparts with its commitment to academic excellence and the establishment of modern classrooms and labs, the most current technology, a state-of-the-art auditorium, and unmatched athletic facilities.  A dedicated and compassionate faculty, staff, and administration work to develop young adults who are prepared for the real world while fostering student involvement in community service.


    The city of Cheyenne is home of the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site where park rangers educate visitors from around the world about the 1868 tragic clash between General George Armstrong Custer and Chief Black Kettle’s tribe. Other notable sites in Cheyenne include the city park with its Roll One-Room School, Chapel, Santa Fe Railroad Depot, Veterans’ Museum, and Pioneer Museum. The Roger Mills County courthouse and a newly remodeled and equipped hospital are also located in the town. The Black Kettle National Grasslands, consisting of over 31,000 acres, annually draw wildlife and hunting enthusiasts to the area. Along with the oil and natural gas industry, wind energy has made its mark in the past several years, both providing jobs and local financial incentive. 

    Interested applicants should submit letter of interest with resume and cover letter to: robert.trammell@cheyenne.k12.ok.us