They say good things take time... That's why I'm always late.

-Emma Broadwater

Ridge Little

“El Duderino”

-Ridge LIttle

Chloe McEntire

“life is a climb, but the view is great”

-Chloe McEntire

Reina Gonzales

Don't let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are cheese dip baby. YOU. ARE.CHEESE.DIP.

-Reina Gonzales

Caroline Conway

“you only live once, but if you do it right , once is enough.” - Mae West

-Caroline Conway

Gage Smeltzer

If you are lonely put on a horror movie, after a while you won't feel like you’re alone anymore

-Gage Smeltzer

Terra Chandler

The best view comes after the hardest climb

-Terra Chandler

Rylee Moore

It’s like I have ESPN or something”- mean girls

-Rylee Moore

Emilio Garcia

“Low and slow” - Ramone from cars

-Emilio Garcia

Harli Bradley

"It doesn't matter how you feel as long as you look good"

-Harli Bradley

Beigelee Wright

"High school was easy. It was like riding a bike. Except the bike was on fire and the ground was on fire and everything was on fire because it wasn’t easy."

-Beigelee Wright

Robert Cunningham

"You can't change how people feel about you, so don't try. Just live your life and be happy" --Johnny Depp--

-Robert Cunningham

Jace Hillman

Jace Hillman

Jana Whitson

“ I don’t have many pictures of myself…..”

-Jana Whitson