Prevention Education for JH/HS students

Parents - 

The Oklahoma Health Department will provide our students with a free, one-time presentation on the skills necessary to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy, STDs, and HIV/AIDS infection. It will be taught by a Registered Nurse. This presentation will educate students about the cause, transmission, and prevention of STDs, HIV, and teenage pregnancy. It will introduce the outcomes of risk taking behaviors and increase confidence in prevention skills.

 Oklahoma law requires school districts to offer this presentation one time during students’ 7th through 9th grade years and then once more during their 10th through 12th grade years. While law requires schools to offer it, student participation is voluntary and confidential. Parents have the right to opt their student out if they so choose. Parents know their students best and know when their student is ready for this information. If you would like to opt your student out of participating in this presentation, please sign and send back the attached form. If you need a printed copy, contact the high school office and we will send one home with your student. Only return the attached form if you do NOT want your student to participate. 

Opt Out Form

 This information will be presented on January 25, 2021. We will have four separate sessions:

7th/8th grade boys

10th- 12th grade boys

7th /8th grade girls

10th – 12th grade girls

(Note: This year’s 9th grade class already received this required information during a previous school year)

 If you would like more information or would like to view the curriculum and class materials before making your decision, you can attend our Parent Preview Day on Tuesday, January 5th at 4:00 in the high school commons area. You can also view these materials by coming by my office at any time during school hours.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Cassie Romberg
School Counselor