Reading Class

 Parents of 7th and 8th grade students for 2022-23 school year:


In an effort to offer smaller reading class sizes and more individualized reading instruction, I am excited to announce a new plan for this coming school year.

Students that demonstrate proficiency on the Spring 2022 state ELA assessment and score at or above grade level on a STAR reading test may be exempt from taking reading class.

If a student meets the above mentioned criteria, they will not be required to enroll in reading.  Exempt students will however still be required to obtain 25 accelerated reading points on their own per quarter on grade level books.  They will also be expected to maintain their reading level at or above grade equivalency and will be STAR tested quarterly.

If a student does not earn their required accelerated reading points or falls below level on the quarterly STAR test, they will enroll in the reading class for the next quarter.

For students who will be enrolled in reading, the class sizes will be smaller and students will receive more individualized instruction as well as offered incentives for growth.

Please encourage your child to read over the summer break, visit the Minnie R. Slief library in town or reach out to Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Pennington for book suggestions!

Thank you,

 Mrs. Moore