Arapaho HS BB Festival. Fans should attempt to attend only games in which your team is playing, this will help us with the attendance restrictions. All games will be streamed on
4 months ago, Robert Trammell
7-12th grade students with D's and/or F's are HIGHLY encouraged to attend after school study hall from 3:20-4:20 on Monday and Tuesday 12/7 and 12/8. This will be their last opportunity to raise their grade before the semester ends. Thank you.
5 months ago, Whitney Moore
See the news section for the Christmas Countdown Dress Up Days Schedule!
5 months ago, Kacey Reno
Due to possible weather issues tomorrow, Thursdays meals will be served along with Wednesday's service. Regular meal service will resume on Friday. Meals can be picked up today in the Elem circle from 11-12:30
5 months ago, Robert Trammell
During our Virtual Extended/Blended Learning days Nov 30 thru Dec 4, meals will be provided for CPS students. Serving Monday thru Friday Serving Time: 11:00- 12:30 Only enrolled students PK-12 Will receive breakfast and lunch. Pull through the circle drive slowly, stop at the elementary entrance. Stay in the vehicle, cafeteria staff will ask for your students name and grade. Will bring your meals to your driver side window, on a cart for you to retrieve. We are asking that all participants wear masks.
6 months ago, Robert Trammell click on Cheyenne tv Watch the HS Basketball game from home tonight if you cannot make it. MASKS REQUIRED
6 months ago, Robert Trammell
November 2, 2020 CLARIFICATION ON DISTANCE/VIRTUAL LEARNERS FOR GRADES 7-12 As of 11-2-2020 if students are considered a distance/virtual learner in order to be counted “present” they must check in with their teachers via email or google classroom daily. They will also be responsible for completing and turning in any assignments for that day by midnight. If students do not check in with teachers or complete assignments, they will be counted absent even as a distance/virtual learner. This absence will count in their ten days per semester allowed. If a student is absent more than ten days per class in a semester they could lose credit for classes according to district policy. Ways a student could be a distance/virtual learner: - Quarantined - Positive for Covid-19 - Fever of more than 100.1 (must be fever free without medication for 72 hours before returning to school) - Surgery or other illness that requires multiple days out of school If you have a question of whether or not your child is a distance/virtual learner, please contact the high school office. If school is not in session and a message has been sent that we are doing virtual learning, the same guidelines will be followed. Thank you
6 months ago, Whitney Moore
To clear up any confusion, no new virtual work will be assigned. Many students do not have netbooks at home or access to internet. If you are behind in any classes, please use this time to get caught up. Stay safe and we will see you soon.
7 months ago, Whitney Moore
This is Mr. Trammell. School is closed for Monday Oct 26 Stay Safe. Check classes virtual if possible.
7 months ago, Robert Trammell
Parents, we will not be having in person Parent/Teacher conferences this year. Please reach out to your child’s teachers if you would like to speak to them or schedule a conference via zoom. Emails and phone extensions for teachers can be found on the school website. Your 7-12th grade student will receive BEAR team points if you contact their teachers. Thank you
7 months ago, Kacey Reno
HS Baseball will be playing on 9/11 in the Sentinel Tournament at 12 noon @ Sentinel.
8 months ago, Kacey Reno
Sentinel HS Baseball Tournament
Just a reminder: Group counseling sessions will begin Monday Sept 14th during lunch for any JH/HS student interested in participating. Free pizza will be provided. Parent permission is required. For a permission slip or for more info, see the following link.
8 months ago, Cassie Romberg
8 months ago, Robert Trammell
New Mask Requirements for the Saturday and Sunday National ACT Test Beginning with the September 2020 ACT® exam, ACT is requiring all examinees to bring and wear masks or cloth face covering (both referred to as “masks”) to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They will not be able to enter the test center if they do not have a mask.
8 months ago, Robert Trammell
CHS will be offering group counseling sessions beginning Sept 14th for any JH/HS student interested in participating. Parent permission is required. For a permission slip or for more info, see the following link. For an opportunity for parents to meet the MCYS counselor, an information session will be held on Sept 8th at 3:30 in the auditorium.
9 months ago, Cassie Romberg
Reminder: Tomorrow is yearbook picture day. We will be taking individuals for the yearbook and you to order if you want. We will also be taking JH/HS Cross Country, Baseball and Softball. You can get an order form from the HS Office or print one off of the website. Please make sure your child brings all uniforms.
9 months ago, Kacey Reno
JH Baseball for Tuesday 9/1 will be @ Leedey. On 9/11 JH baseball will be played in Cheyenne.
9 months ago, Kacey Reno
Reminders for Monday August 31st We are so excited to see all of our students on Monday, August 31st! Please read the following information about returning to school. - Arrival time is no earlier than 7:40 a.m. Elementary students need to enter through the circle drive entrance. All JH/HS students whether car or bus rider need to enter through the student lounge entrance. The first bell rings at 8:07 a.m. - Temperatures will be checked prior to riding a bus or entering building as well as throughout the day. Any student with a temperature of 100.0 or higher will be isolated and rechecked. If remains above 100.0, student will be sent home. - Masks are required. - Only students and staff are allowed inside the school building. There will be a designated area on both sides of the building for parents to leave items for students. - JH/HS has an amended class time bell schedule and students are separated in two groups- A and B. This information is located on the student’s ID card that is hanging in their locker.
9 months ago, Robert Trammell
Check the news section for information about picture day on September 2nd!
9 months ago, Kacey Reno